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WARNING: We are not your typical kratom vendor. Our membership only website keeps stock available and buyers age appropriate. Our Platinum Label stock is often limited by rarity, but our Bronze Label gives any consumer price point accessible with quality that remains. Prices reflect this balance, it is possible to get a $68 kilo. Or, you can purchase the most exclusive kratom for a small amount more. Existing customers get an automatic membership and right now we are giving away up to 1 kilo free! Our retail location is in Bangor, Maine. Same day pick-up prices do not get the online discount.

Choose ‘Pick For Me’ for easy ordering with Buyer’s Insurance. Or, our blends have easy to understand names, also visit our ‘Friend’s Favorites’ in the menu for more help with single source strains. If you are a connoisseur, enjoy over 90 unique harvests from about 50 different sellers.

Let's Talk About Some Things:

The Re-leaf Reserve categorizes kratom products into four tiers based on when they were harvested. The quality is always there, but as time goes by, we discount our product: Platinum for the newest harvests, Gold for the second freshest harvests, Silver for the 3rd freshest selections, and Bronze for the most mature selections. Each category offers unique characteristics and slight changes to their alkaloid profile.

The best way to use our categorical design, stands within proper tolerance management. If a buyer were to engage with kratom four times a day, we recommend rotating all 4 tiers throughout the day.

Some buyers have suggested that the aging process may reduce the characteristics of something called “wobbles”. We use this information not to suggest ingestion, to inform you of that buyer feedback. Buyers report being able to display more of their collection at one given time, giving them more to research at any one given time. This has suited the interest of various types of research or collection, each person their unique motivations. Research can vary widely among different individuals, with some experiencing completely opposite outcomes of their research. We recommend trying all the tiers we offer.

It is important to clarify that our products are intended for research and collection purposes only. Any use contrary to our guidelines is not endorsed by Re-leaf LLC. Customers who decide to use our products beyond these purposes are doing so without our knowledge, essentially experimenting on themselves. We cannot be held responsible for any outcomes resulting from such use.

Aside from our blends. Our harvests are just pure organic single strain sources of kratom. They are dried properly, ground up and sent to us. The alkaloids in the product give each product variety. We do not list our products under the market standard Red, White & Green. But we sometimes refer to those names of colors, to make it easier on people. Choosing the simplest option (Pick For Me) is, in our opinion, the smartest, most affordable and easiest way to order kratom online. During the pick for me process you disclose what colors you prefer. You are doing so solely for our market research. Due to how we offer products we must say we will not fill your order based on any insinuation of ingestion. But we give you a guarantee you will be happy with our choices. We’re committed to offering high-quality products while upholding strict safety standards and clear engagement guidelines. We encourage responsible handling and look forward to continuing to support your research and collection endeavors, always prioritizing integrity and customer care.

We value the trust and openness of our customers. It is paramount that our customer understands our Pick For Me system, while simultaneously giving us the keys to your car. We will get you there. Don’t worry.

Large companies frequently face obstacles when manufacturing small batches due to the high costs of laboratory testing. Sourcing a 5kg batch from one large tree proves challenging for them, unlike us. These significant costs hinder their efforts, making small-batch production impractical. Thus, very rare. But we embrace an alternative approach, bypassing needless testing for the only two alkaloids with each harvest area. When the leaf contains almost 40 alkaloids! Instead of the Dog & Pony show, we have the ability to do onsite microbial testing. Our commitment to research safety is present, with a pristine track record over 8 years, highlighting our dedication to high standards. Our unwavering commitment to safety, coupled with our in-house microbial testing capabilities, distinguishes us from larger enterprises constrained by exorbitant lab testing fees. If this doesn’t suit your needs, please find a vendor that does.

Any insinuation of ingestion will result in order cancellation.

Our commitment to quality sets us apart in an industry often marked by compromise. Led by an owner deeply dedicated to excellence, our hands-on approach to product selection ensures only the finest kratom graces our menu. Unlike competitors prioritizing profits over product integrity, we’ve discarded thousands of kilos of kratom failing to meet our standards.

In our relentless pursuit of quality, we truly care about our team of Indonesian sellers and engage with their products personally. This rigorous selection process is our assurance of excellence, reflecting our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. While some rely on potentially inaccurate lab tests, we understand true greatness requires personal engagement.

The essence of great kratom is subjective, relying heavily on personal experience. Just as a chef tastes their food as they prepare it, a true kratom connoisseur must personally engage with their product. Unlike companies content with superficial measures, we believe in the importance of personal connection with our kratom. True greatness cannot be quantified by numbers alone, but by the experience it delivers. We’re not just purveyors of kratom; we’re cultivators of an unparalleled experience, dedicated to enriching lives one leaf at a time.

Any insinuation of ingestion will result in order cancellation.

Variety is key to maintaining a dynamic and interesting collection, preventing the common collector’s challenge of over-familiarity with certain strains. When individuals repeatedly buy a particular strain, they may become accustomed to that strain, leading to decreased happiness in their purchase. This phenomenon, known as tolerance, can diminish the desired outcomes.

To combat the situation, we offer an extensive selection and empower buyers to rotate their kratom collections effectively. Here’s how it works: Diversifying your collection with different items introduces a variety of alkaloid compositions, enriching your research possibilities. Each kratom product contains a unique combination of naturally occurring compounds within the leaf. By rotating items, users can minimize the unhappy results from diminishing returns and undergo more pleasant experiences when engaging with your collection.

Another secondary method, is rotating our different classes of products: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. As the leaf ages, it undergoes a maturation that changes the alkaloid values. Rotating matured product with the freshest product can be paramount in your research endeavor.

Third, optimizing the timing between each kratom engagement. This can enhance your appreciation for your experience. Switching up the times between engagement is an important tool for kratom research.

Fourth, exploring differing presentation methods. Such as arranging them in water, engaging with them naturally or showcase them in a gelatin enclosure. When you engage with your kratom, you can increase the experience by varying the amount of time between each engagement.

Any insinuation of ingestion will result in order cancellation.

Selective harvesting is a cornerstone of our process. Leaves from the lower to middle part of the tree are known for higher alkaloid levels. This is because those leaves are closest to the tree’s roots and slightly shielded from the wind, sun and rain. In addition to selective harvesting, some of our farmers employ deboning and double filtering to further concentrate the alkaloid content. Removing stems through deboning increases the volume of potent leaf powder, double filtering removes less potent materials, resulting in a stronger product.

We ensure the leaves are dried in dark, well-ventilated rooms, sometimes utilizing fans to expedite the drying process. This quick drying is crucial as it minimizes the time the leaves spend exposed to air, which can start the degradation process influenced by humidity, oxidation, and temperature. Furthermore, after grinding, the leaf powder is quickly cooled to halt any further degradation, preserving the kratom even more.

Our rapid transport to America also increases our quality. Flying our product to America in the cool air, as little as 7 days, significantly reduces the risk of temperature degradation. Compare that to the prolonged transit times experienced with sea freight. Shipping in a hot metal box for 2 to 4 months.

The essence of the Re-leaf LLC ‘”edge” lies in our adherence to mature trees, selective harvesting, advanced processing techniques, and careful attention to drying and cooling processes setting our product apart from the mass-produced kratom dominating the market. This level of detail and commitment to quality showcases our dedication to providing the best kratom available, distinctly highlighting the difference between Re-leaf LLC and the rest of the industry.

Any insinuation of ingestion will result in order cancellation.

Our ‘Pick For Me’ category stands out as our most popular selection, and for good reason. With every product in this category, we offer Buyer’s Insurance, providing peace of mind for those who prefer a hassle-free ordering experience. We excel at selecting products tailored to your preferences, eliminating the guesswork on your end and replacing it with our expertise.

Ordering from the ‘Pick For Me’ category is simple and convenient, offering two straightforward methods. The first method involves selecting your desired product from a blend or strain, choosing the color (Red, White, or Green), and selecting the label (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) before adding it to your cart and proceeding to checkout.

Alternatively, if you’ve purchased a combo deal, ordering it is just as easy. Simply inform us of your favorite colors in the order notes, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re unsure of your favorite colors, we recommend taking the time to figure that out before placing your order.


Directions For ‘Pick For Me: Combos’:

Lets say you picked 500g Pick For Me: Combo
Which offers, one Bronze Label, two Silver Label, two Gold Label and five Platinum Labels.

First, you chose the package.

Second, you checkout & write us order notes.

Third, you finalize the order.

It is that simple.


Lets go over an example order from the 500g Pick For Me: Combo.


I like 1 bronze label red  strain or blend

I like 2 silver label white blend

I like  3 platinum label  green strain

I like 2 platinum label red blend or strain

i like 2 gold label white blends

I understand that you aren’t selling me these items to ingest, as I do not plan to ingest them


How to write an order note on Pick For Me products:

Before you finalize the check out process, you must use the “Order Notes” during that process. Inside those order notes you must tell us what colors you like to collect. While we would never give you products to ingest based on the colors you provide, it will give us more data for marketing purposes.

This option is our most popular option because we never let down our customers. But for the sake of legality, we must emphasize, we are not giving you an ingestible product based on the colors provided, but are simply selecting products that you can add to your collection of products. And rest assured, we never let down a customer.

Before you end your checkout process, you must copy and paste a statement in your order notes, only when ordering the “Pick For Me” products. Copy the statement. And, only if you understand our process: “I understand that you aren’t selling me these items to ingest, as I do not plan to ingest them”

You have to trust us that we will make you happy. 


That is it. It is that easy.

Buyer’s Insurance?
Read about it in the next section.

Buyer’s Protection is only offered on the 50g “Pick For Me” packages.

If you consider our method of kratom distribution strange, you might find it beneficial to search for a vendor that better suits your preferences. Any insinuation of ingestion will result in order cancellation.

In our 8 years of business, very few folks have been unhappy with our selections. But, just in case there are issues, all 50g packages purchased in the ‘Pick For Me’ category will come with up to 50% insurance. So, if you buy twenty 50g packages and you are unhappy with a product, we will replace that product on your next order.  We will replace up to 50% of each class. This is a seamless experience, and all you have to do is fill the form out below. How much easier could it get? But terms do apply. While we do offer this a gesture of good faith, we do have terms that apply to avoid abuse.

Buyer’s Insurance Coverage:

  • Our insurance policy allows you to replace up to 50% of a product within each class.
  • If you’re dissatisfied with a product from a particular class, you can replace it under certain terms.

Replacement Terms:

  • To replace a product, you must purchase the same amount of the same class of product on your next order.
  • For example, if you want to replace two Bronze Label products, you must buy two Bronze Label products on your next order, and your prior order must have included at least four Bronze Label products.
  • You cannot replace products from one class with products from a newer class.
  • Contact our customer service team to initiate a replacement request: HERE
  • Provide details about the product(s) you wish to replace and the reason for the replacement. Please do not insinuate ingestion of our product(s).
  • Once approved, follow the guidelines for purchasing the replacement products.
  • Please note that the replacement claim will be reviewed within 7 days from the date of submission.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This insurance policy applies only to products purchased directly from our store.
  • Replacement requests must be made within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  • The replacement products must be of equal or lesser value than the original products.


  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate this insurance policy at any time without prior notice.
  • This policy does not cover damage or loss resulting from misuse, mishandling, or improper storage of the products.

General Memberships
Our membership program offers three distinct levels tailored to meet the needs and preferences of our valued customers. First, we have the General Membership, open to individuals aged 18 and older. Members at this level enjoy the privilege of purchasing our products at regular prices, gaining access to our premium kratom selection.

Legacy Memberships
Next, we have the Legacy Membership, designed for those who have been loyal customers of Re-leaf LLC prior to 2024. Legacy Members automatically receive exclusive benefits, including a 20% discount on all 50g packages, along with additional savings and perks that accrue over time.

All Legacy Members already have an active membership. Please check your email. The email address (yourname@website.com) we emailed, please use the first part (yourname) as the username and the password. Then immediately change your password after logging in the first time.

Social Share Memberships
Lastly, we offer a unique membership tier that requires no monetary fee but instead, encourages engagement through sharing and liking our content on social media platforms. This entire membership level is based on the honor system. To join, applicants must be 18 or older and submit a brief application detailing their willingness to support our outreach efforts. In return, members receive a generous 30% discount on 50g packages, making it an attractive option for those looking to save while actively contributing to our community. With simple tasks such as sharing videos or liking posts, members can enjoy significant savings without any significant financial investment.

Yes, diving into the world of kratom collection can seem complex, but don’t worry. We handle our 92 different harvests and 100 blends with skill, so you’re in capable hands. We understand that everyone’s journey with kratom is unique. In our eight years of experience, we’ve seen how research experiences can vary widely among users. We tried not to mislead consumers by labeling products with names that suggest specific effects, but that failed miserably, so we brought back our famous blends. 

Originally, our goal was to offer only the purest, most organic kratom products not changing the pure kratom powder through fermentation or harsh light exposure.. However, we do have a few products that are processed as “Reds” (RFIRE) or “Whites” (ACW).

Most of our selections focus on preserving the integrity of the leaf by drying it in well-ventilated spaces. This ensures that our products provide you with the highest quality kratom available.

It’s important to note that claims suggesting specific effects based solely on kratom’s color or drying method can be inaccurate. The research on kratom’s effects is complex and varies from person to person.

Environmental elements also have a notable impact on molding the chemical makeup of the leaf, leading to what recent studies have labeled as distinct “chemotypes.” We welcome this variety, providing options influenced by diverse environmental circumstances and geographic regions.

When talking about kratom vein colors, it’s essential to understand that a single tree can display veins of various colors on its branches. Stem colors also vary randomly, influenced by both genetics and the environment. This natural diversity is typical of kratom, adding to the confusion surrounding kratom colors.

We recognize that your experience with kratom is valid, but it’s important to acknowledge that others may have different experiences. Therefore, we stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee. If you ever encounter an issue, please feel free to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

For those looking for a simpler option, we recommend our pick-for-me feature, which leaves most customers thoroughly impressed. Alternatively, you can explore our blend selections, each with its own unique name.

Apart from our blends, every product we offer serves as a versatile kratom for your research. Use less for a quicker research session or more for a slower, less intense experience. We source small-batch, pure, organic kratom for your personal exploration. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, you’ll need to seek out those altered powders elsewhere, because we refuse to stock them. We won’t compromise on quality or mislead to make sales.

Any implication of ingestion will lead to order cancellation.

In our exclusive members-only store, we specialize in offering rare, small-batch products that are limited in quantity. We’ve structured our pricing to ensure fairness and accessibility to all members while maintaining the exclusivity of our offerings.

1. Limited Availability: Our products are often produced in small quantities, making them rare and highly sought after. To ensure that every member has the opportunity to enjoy these unique items, we limit the quantity that any single member can purchase.

2. Preventing Stock Depletion: Offering larger bulk packages at a higher price helps prevent a single member from purchasing the complete stock of a product. This approach ensures that our entire membership base has a chance to experience and enjoy the product.

3. Maintaining Fairness: By pricing bulk packages higher, we encourage members to consider the needs of the community and avoid monopolizing limited products. This fosters a fair and equitable environment where everyone has an opportunity to access our exclusive offerings.

4. Supporting Variety: Our smaller packages with more selections allow members to explore a wider range of products and enjoy greater variety in their purchases. These options cater to different preferences and ensure that members can find products that suit their tastes and interests.

5. Value for Investment: While you may think buying a large portion of a product is a good idea, most kratom powders from a collection will undoubtedly give the buyer diminishing returns. The concept of research tolerance is very frequently spoken about in this industry. Our system will help you avoid that.

At our store, we are committed to providing a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for all our members. We believe that our pricing structure reflects our dedication to fairness, accessibility, and the celebration of exceptional products.





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Explore our 3rd freshest harvests. As the leaf ages, it becomes easier to manage when engaging in excess.

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Discover our most mature leaf. economical, reliable and less prone to wobbles if you pull too much out of your bag!

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We are offering everyone a taper schedule. Sometimes people need to lean back a bit, away from kratom, but they find the task difficult. We not only support that idea, we emphasize the importance of doing so for some of you. Well, we make it easier. Get the schedule below! We are all adults here, but we refuse to sell this product to you for ingestion purposes. We actually encourage folks to stop ingesting kratom, especially those who are addicted to its ingestion. Nobody needs to be unnecessarily dependent on any substance.

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Customer Reviews

Over the years, there have been hundreds.

"I'd say it's the best I've tried so far. Always liked kratom, but never knew it could be this nice."
Which releaf? The members only re-leaf, or the releaf that has kratom vending machines? If your referring to the members only one, I've heard from a man who really knows his leaf that theirs is on par with The BEST any domestic vendor has to offer....
"All I can say is WOW. Some of the highest quality powder you will find."
You're gonna be blown away by their selections, blends, customizations & outstanding customer service. Let me know what you order. I have so many of his single strains & blends.
Don't Like picking out kratom by harvest area?

We have three options for you.

  • Our renowned ‘Pick For Me’ option remains highly favored for a reason. Simply outline your preferences in the product notes – the quantity and desired colors – and entrust us to handle the rest, backed by our assurance.
  • Or, choose a blend. Pick a name that is up your alley.
  • Use our ‘Friend’s Favorites’ category to help you.

DISCLAIMER: These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Products are for research only.